How To Know When Work Stress is Hurting Your Health

Everyone has to work. Making a living can seem like it consumes your life more days than not. But if you don’t enjoy what you do or you are overworked you may actually be hurting your health. So how do you know if you are in an unhealthy work situation? And what can you do to change it?


1) You Don’t Question Overtime

If you spend most of your nights at the office you may be doing more harm than good. It might seem like a good idea to catch up on work, but the truth is there will always be more work to do. You need to set healthy boundaries for yourself so you can take care of things in your personal life as well. Downtime is important too!

2) You Are Obsessed with Perfection

There is nothing wrong with wanting your work to be high-quality. But the trouble begins when you can’t finish projects because you want everything to be absolutely perfect. If you are stressing out over each tiny detail to the point of hating your work you could be hurting your health. Realizing that you aren’t perfect and have weaknesses can actually lead to a more positive and healthy outlook on your life.

3) You Are Ignoring Your Body

Long hours and short breaks don’t lend themselves to a healthy life. If you are skipping lunches and heading straight for the couch and Netflix after work you are probably taking work to an unhealthy extreme. Society values hard workers but you need to be aware of how your body is reacting to stress and respond. Go on a jog after work, take a walk on your break, and eat slowly and mindfully. Your work won’t suffer if anything you will have a clearer mind.

4) You’ve Lost Purpose

Above all, if you are just working for money you will eventually stress yourself out. You need to identify what makes you feel purposeful and look for positions that feed those intentions. Moving towards a life that fulfills you is always rewarding and healthy.


Only you can manage your work and stress. Work doesn’t always have to be smooth sailing but if you are constantly feeling overworked, burnt out, and stressed out you may need to evaluate your work situation. Weigh the pros and cons and see if you are burning the candle at both ends more days than is good for your health. BodHD is committed to helping you find a good work-life balance that works for you!

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