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12 Tips On Encouraging And Motivating Family And Friends To Get Healthy

How do you encourage or motivate friends and family to lose weight, exercise and get healthy without coming across as a total jerk? It isn’t easy, but we care and love these people, so we must find ways to do so. Obesity is a huge killer and so many people have an attitude like it is normal. It can be as bad as drug or alcohol addiction.But, there are right and wrong ways to confront the issue.You probably would not want to approach Aunt Sally, Uncle Jim or your best friend Susan with something like “Gee, you sure have gained a lot of weight. Why don’t you start working out?”You are liable to feel a whole lot of hate if

Train Your Cells To Heal

  Have we as humans become too dependent on man made drugs to treat and heal ailments? We CAN train our cells to heal! Colds Flu Headaches Insomnia Etc… While not every medicine will have side effects, the majority do. Just listen to a complete commercial glorifying a new drug you can ask your Doctor for. The pharmaceutical company hires a marketing agency who makes the new medicine sound like the greatest treatment possible. At the end of the commercial, almost like the fine print on a written contract, the narrator quickly goes through all the side effects possible… Here is an example of side effects that must be mentioned at the end of a commercial. I am using this

Incorporating Exercise Into Your Lifestyle: 12 Tips

  No matter how good your diet is or how many supplements you take, it is imperative that you incorporate exercise into your lifestyle. We do know that sometimes time and responsibilities make it quite difficult to “get your sweat on,” so we are going to give you 12 tips for incorporating exercise into your lifestyle. “True enjoyment comes from activity of the mind and exercise of the body; the two are ever united.” Wilhelm von Humboldt Incorporating Exercise Into Your Lifestyle Tip #1: Start With Your Mind The fact that you are reading this post tells us you are realizing that exercise needs to be a part of your life. To get started just get in the mindset you

How To Know When Work Stress is Hurting Your Health

Everyone has to work. Making a living can seem like it consumes your life more days than not. But if you don’t enjoy what you do or you are overworked you may actually be hurting your health. So how do you know if you are in an unhealthy work situation? And what can you do to change it?   1) You Don’t Question Overtime If you spend most of your nights at the office you may be doing more harm than good. It might seem like a good idea to catch up on work, but the truth is there will always be more work to do. You need to set healthy boundaries for yourself so you can take care of